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Kate Beckett eye-roll.

5x07 | 6x20 (for: entertainmentista)

There’s the little lady.

Mr. Castle, what on Earth possessed you to turn my precinct into the set of Kojak?

I mean, have you ever seen a cop someone with an ass that fine?

Side note: That lovers’ quarrel in the precinct is exactly the type of Caskett interaction that I’ve long-since loved. They’re totally married already. Have been since day one. All we need now is something “official” to prove it, and how adorable were those love eyeballs that Beckett gave Castle when he did his little dance? Ugh, stop it, guys. She just totally melted from Badass Detective Beckett to Future Mrs. Castle in the blink of an eye.
(X) Castle “That 70s Show” Review (via showratingstv)

Stana Katic with Eddie McClintock (x)

"Yeah, cause I know a lot of Castle’s, Martha!"